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Together with you we map out your future. Supported by our in-house developed data analytics, we advise you in what the right steps are to realise your future. The strength of our advice is the result of intense collaboration, multidisciplinary input, and our years of experience.

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Mergers and acquisitions, thorough analysis with personality

Quore Capital offers a unique view on your enterprise.

Mergers and acquisitions generally consist of two phases. The first phase concerns the why and how. Our starting point is always a deep understanding of the proposition. The second phase is the execution. With our practical, fact-based advice, we guide you through all the phases of a transaction.

Advice for selling, from A to Z.

As founder and/or manager you think about the future of your company. The option to sell your business is not often what first comes to mind and certainly not the only option. We understand that. With entrepreneurs especially, the economic aspect is often just one of many considerations. In case you do choose to sell, we know which considerations are important to realise the best possible outcome for you. Putting your company on the market demands a high level of expertise and professional preparation. Together with you we develop the best strategy to transfer your company (partially) to a new ownership.

Analysis & advice

As soon as you have made the decision to sell, we conduct a financial analysis of your business. We analyse the business plan (or help draft it) and look at the financing options. If desired, we can also provide a valuation report. Through our network and through analyses we know which buyers might be interested.

Process management

In this stage we continue with internal preparations. We ensure that the information provided to possible buyers gives the best statue of your company and its future potential. We get in touch with most interested buyers to make sure the best offers are submitted.

Negotiation & contract formation

Often times there are multiple buyers interested and prepared to enter into a purchase agreement and it is imperative to select the best buyer with the best terms and conditions. In this phase everything comes together to a winning, binding offer. We negotiate on your behalf or together with you and guide you until there is a signed contract with the eventual buyer.

You want to grow through acquisitions.

We delve into your company and strategic plans. Together with you we establish under which terms and conditions an acquisition can contribute to your strategy. Your financial strength and synergies are customary components of our analysis.

Searching for candidates

For buyers we look for suitable acquisition targets. We use our network and smart data analysis to select a suitable takeover candidate for you. Together with you we will compile a short list, who we can approach with your or on your behalf.

Process management & negotiation

When a suitable candidate is found and information is being exchanged, a deeper financial analysis follows and then possibly an acquisition process. We guide you during the entire buy-side process and advice you on all financial aspects of the envisaged transaction: analysis of due diligence results and the impact on a possible bid, valuation and bid price, bidding tactics and negotiation of the conditions in the transaction documentation.

Appropriate financing for every situation.

If your company requires additional capital, we create an overview of your funding needs. When conducting analyses and drawing conclusions we consider the business case, integration and synergies with acquisitions, financing structure and the financing risks. We ensure that all findings across all topics are fact-based and can consistently be presented to possible financiers. Additionally, we have access to a diverse network of possible financiers. We make sure that your funding needs are met against the best terms and conditions. All our advice is tailored to your needs and goals.

Liquidity solutions

When your company is (temporarily) in need of liquidity, we assist you in finding the appropriate solutions. Further, we have access to a broad range of potential financiers for different types of liquidity sources. Our services also include advice on the drafting of the financial aspects of the borrowing documentation.

Management incentive plans

We have broad experience with setting up and structuring management incentive plans. These plans are structured so that management team receives a share of the future profits as reward for their contributions. We advise both shareholders and management teams (of course not simultaneously) to set up a reasonable incentive package together.

Funding with mergers & acquisitions

You may need additional capital to fund an acquisition. Banks and investors can offer a solution, however there are also less conventional options available. We can offer you a full overview of all options which are available to you.

Growth capital

When the growth of your business demands additional capital, we can present the options available to you. With our network of possible financiers, you get access to attractive funding-solutions.

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