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Together with you we realise your vision of the future. Supported by our in-house developed data analytics, we advise you on the right steps to achieve your goals. The value of our advice is the result of intensive collaborate, multidisciplinary input and our years of experience.

Financing to materialise your future

Financial advice for various purposes

Your financing requirements can have various causes. For example, an acquisition, growth acceleration, a dividend payment, or a restructuring. We advice you on the best available options. Once we have established which option is best tailored to your needs, we will execute and manage the whole financing process until funding is obtained.

We have the know how and experience to identify the most appropriate financing for your purposes

The structuring of your financing requirement needs to be tailored specifically to your purposes. Arranging funding for a merger or acquisition requires a different approach compared to growth capital. Similarly, a restructuring has a completely different dynamic as well. We offer our advice based on your particular situation and needs.

Funding mergers & acquisitions

When your intended transaction requires additional capital, we find the most suitable options for your situation. In addition to banks and investors, we will also take into account alternative financing solutions. We are confident that we can identify, arrange and execute the best available financing solution for whatever situation.

Liquidity solutions

When your company is (temporarily) in financial distress, we assist you in finding liquidity solutions. We explore and advice on restructuring plans to solve your liquidity problems. Further, we have access to a broad range of potential financiers for different types of liquidity sources.

Growth capital

We assist scale-ups looking for additional (growth)capital. Together with you we decide on how to structure the funding and then help find the right financiers.

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Other specific subjects

Alongside our advisory on mergers and/or acquisitions, we also offer specialised financial advice. For example, we can support the setting up, validation and valuation of business plans and the structuring of management incentive plans. Furthermore, we can take on the role of financial expert in judicial processes.


Every business plan has an economic value that can be calculated using various financial calculation models. The results of these calculation models will lead to valuable insights regarding the achievability and potential value-creation of your business plan.

Management incentive plans

We have a broad range of experience with setting up and structuring management incentive plans. These plans are structured so that the management team receives a share of the future profits as reward for their contributions. We advise both shareholders and management teams (of course not simultaneously) to set up a reasonable incentive package together.

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